Gareth Bale is one of the most professional footballers and he plays for both Wales and Real Madrid. He is famous for long distance strike, and his amazing ability to pass the ball to defenders.

Bale has been recognized for his tremendous speed, his great ability to pass the ball and his amazing left kick. The player is currently playing for the Real Madrid team and there are a lot of offers that are coming up for the next season in the upcoming transfer window. He has been praised on a number of occasions as he has managed to win for the nation he is playing for. His attributes of football have been amazingly great. During the year 2011-2013, he was named as the PFA player of the year.

He even was nominated thrice in a row for his amazing skill towards the game. There is a lot of speculation regarding the player’s interest for other teams and there is uncertainty if he will be released from the Madrid team or now. Gareth Bale won the UEFA super club and made the team to win the world cup too. He made his international debut in the year 2006 becoming the youngest player of the nation to represent Wales.

On 28th April he won both the youngest player and the PFA player of the match for his efforts with the team and it will be interesting to see how he fares in the future. On 16 April, he the goal for Madrid with a winning goal against rivals Barcelona. Since then he has been recognized as the finest football player the country can get. It will be interesting to see the future course of events.