The Real Madrid midfielder Kaka has said that he is extremely happy with the performance of the team in the 2-2 draw with Barcelona during the weekend. Even though the result was not the one Real Madrid were looking when they went into the match, Kaka has said that this was an impressive result considering the performance and the level of the opposition.

Barcelona managed to score two goals in the match through Lionel Messi, while the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo also scored two goals in the match. The Real Madrid manager José Mourinho was also thrilled with the performance of the Brazil international Kaka, who came on as a substitute.

The former AC Milan midfielder is on the road to recovery in the last few weeks. He has been having impressive matches in the la Liga after coming on as a substitute. He is hoping that he will be able to show his full potential once he starts a match. Many have been saying that the 30-year-old has not been the player he once was due to the lack of pace, but the Brazilian is keen to prove otherwise. He has also said that the title race still not over despite Barcelona have been an eight-point advantage in the table.

“The eight point gap is still worrying, but slightly less so after playing at the Camp Nou. It can’t be said that the title race is over, of course it can’t. There’s a lot left to play for and we’re going to fight to the end. We had a great game, but we didn’t kill it off. We [Real Madrid] are also eight points behind Barcelona in the table but we still believe,” said the Real Madrid midfielder Kaka, who was also sorry about the situation faced by his former club AC Milan.