Sports betting is one of the forms of gambling that is thriving in the modern era, alongside playing at online casino websites, but it can be a difficult form of gambling for non-sports fans to grasp.

There is sometimes a perception that betting on sports is easier than playing casino games like poker and blackjack, but in fact there is just as much information that has to be taken on board before you can hope to do it successfully. Thus the first tip would be to skip sports betting unless you either have some interest in one or more sports, or are prepared to do serious research into something you have no interest in.

To bet successfully on sports you not only have to visit different sportsbook sites to find out the best odds available, you also have to look at the current form of the team or player you are betting on; any injuries or off-field problems that could affect their chances and their past record against the relevant opponents. If you are willing to do this, the next tip would be to look at your own finances and budget based on what you can afford to lose, before placing a bet, as that way you will avoid wagering more than you can afford.

If you are only a casual fan of sports and this all sounds like a bit too much hard work, you may prefer to mix sports and gambling in a slightly less demanding and risky way.

There are a great many of these games available, based around sports like football, tennis, motor racing and other popular sports, and they are easier and cheaper to participate in than either sports betting or other types of casino games. Many of them can be played with little more than pennies, and they offer a very good chance of winning something, which should make them appealing to those who have some interest in sports, but not enough to go bet on actual sporting matches.