Former teammate of Zinedine Zidane, Savio believes that the Frenchman might lose everything that he has built upon during his playing career.

Real Madrid’s Zidane is considered to be one of the best players of his generation after having lifted just about every major title there is to win not only with his clubs but also with his national side as he lifted the World Cup title back in 1998 and has been able to secure the Champions League. These are the biggest competitions that there are to win at club and national level.

Savio is a retired Brazilian winger who played alongside Zidane in Real Madrid and Savio believes that his former teammate is at a huge risk of losing everything that he has gained during the entirety of his playing career, after having decided to take up the managerial position of Real Madrid.

“It’s not a question of ability. I was surprised because he’s a footballer with a massive history and an idol at Real Madrid. To risk it all as a coach is difficult. Real Madrid is a club with a lot of pressure. If it doesn’t go well this decision could destroy everything he built as a player.” Former teammate of Zidane, Savio said.

If things go bad for Zidane as the head coach of Real Madrid, it can certainly be a big blow for the Frenchman as he has turned into an icon for the Spanish club.

The problem with taking charge a club as big as Real Madrid is that they are constantly changing managers in search of someone who can consistently guide the main squad to big triumphs but that doesn’t always happen, especially taking into consideration their rivals, Barcelona who are widely regarded to be as the best team in the world.

If Zidane is not able to guide Real Madrid to victories against world class teams and fails to win the titles that the president and the rest of the head chiefs want him to achieve then being sacked is a real possibility and it can certainly hamper the legacy that he has created throughout his playing career but he will still remain being an invaluable figure who has cemented his place in the history-books not only of Real Madrid but in the sport as well.