Carlo Ancelotti is one of the most experienced managers in football as the Italian coach has been in charge of top European clubs including: Juventus, Ac.Milan, Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid which is the club that he is currently in charge of.

The Premier League, The Champions League, The Serie A title are just some of the pieces of silverware that Ancelotti has lifted during his managerial career but it seems like all of these accomplishments simply aren’t enough for the Italian coach as he has expressed his dream to coach the Italian national football team.

“My dream is to coach the Italian national team. And I hope in the future to realize it, because I’d like to win a World Cup with Italy.” Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti said during a conference which was made at a university.

Carlo Ancelotti has more than enough experience to coach a national side in the caliber of Italy as he knows what it takes to handle big teams and high profile players but the problem and main obstacle that will interfere with Ancelotti on becoming the next coach of the Italian side is Antonio Conte.

Ever since Antonio Conte took charge of the Italian national football team, they haven’t lost a single match and Conte has already stated that he intends to remain in his managerial position at least until the upcoming 2016 Euro’s.

“I’ll stay in my post until the European Championships in 2016. Resigning has never been an option. I think I’m a very responsible person, especially in difficult times, and this is one of those times. I made an important commitment and I intend to respect that.’’ Former Juventus manager said.

Italy is currently located in the 1st spot of Group H of the 2016 Euro’s qualification group stages as they have the same amount of points as Croatia.

If Ancelotti truly wants to coach the Italian national side, it could happen someday but it will not happen anytime soon as Antonio Conte is doing an exemplary job.